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"Great Recipes to Pair with Shitty Wine"

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Really Good Recipes. Really.


We all buy shitty wine, and then we are sad. But you can still enjoy it if you pair it with the right food. The recipes in our cookbook are real, and really good. And it's a lot cheaper than buying good wine.

Our Best Cooking Tips

We could all use a shortcut or better process to get our supermarket ingredients to behave, or get us to the bad wine faster.

Reviews of the Book

"Truly great recipes!"

"Wonderful recipes mixed with a dash of humor. This is going to be a great gift for all my wine loving friends!"

"Awesome tips for pairing cheap wine with food."

"Excellent read...and so witty. The recipes are easy to follow and I have always wondered what to do with my less expensive wines in the cupboard...conundrum solved!"

"As fun as the title suggests, but actually really helpful advice!"

"Bottom line: the writing is fun and funny; the recipes alone are worth the price of admission ... but they totally schooled me in what to do with bottom shelf vino. Thanks, guys!" 

Even More Recipes for Shitty Wine

A few bonus recipes that didn't make it into the book. Enjoy!

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Great Recipes to Pair with Shitty Wine